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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dissolving Contraception For Women

The University of Washington team has developed a new form of contraception for women. The new development would be very different from any other contraception currently on the market - it would help prevent pregnancy AND sexually transmitted infections (STIs) at one time.

The contraceptive would be made out of electrically spun cloth with nanometer-sized fibers. This cloth would then dissolve to release drugs, which could prevent pregnancy, HIV, and possibly multiple STIs. The electrospun fibers can also physically block sperm, creating an ultimate form of contraception. The idea is to potentially have the electrospun cloth either inserted directly into the body or used as a coating on vaginal rings or other products.

The team has created multiple fabrics, and had success with one that dissolves within minutes. The fabric that dissolves within minutes could allow women to have immediate protection. Other fabrics dissolve over a few days, for sustained delivery. Both fabrics would protect against pregnancy and STIs.

Having another contraception option never hurts and it would be great to have something that takes care of multiple issues at once! We currently carry multiple forms of contraception, but perhaps Planned Parenthood of Illinois will carry this in the future if it becomes FDA approved. Time will tell. Leave us a comment if this is something you would be excited about!

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