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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Campaign Spotlight: Naomi Jakobsson

Naomi Jakobsson
Illinois House, 103rd House District of Illinois
Issues: Budget, Affordable Health Care, Education, Civil Rights, Government Ethics Reform

Representative Naomi Jakobsson is 100% pro-choice and has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. Representative Jakobsson knows that women don't turn to politicians for advice about birth control, mammograms, or cancer screenings. She believes that government should not be involved in a woman's personal medical decisions.

Representative Naomi Jakobsson has been a leader on Planned Parenthood issues since 2003. She has voted against dangerous restrictions on abortion. Because she knows that prevention is key, Representative Jakobsson co-sponsored a bill to set standards for age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sex education. She wants young people to have the information they need to stay safe and healthy.

Naomi Jakobsson chairs the Human Services Committee in the Illinois House and also serves on the Higher Education Committee, the Higher Education Appropriations Committee, the Elementary and Secondary Education Appropriations Committee, and the Adoption Reform Committee.

Jakobsson’s top priorities as state representative are to increase funding for education, stand up for the University of Illinois, improve access to affordable health care, strengthen environmental standards, fuel our local economy and be an accessible representative.

As Chairperson of the House Human Services committee, Naomi feels that issues surrounding the health and well-being of Illinois citizens are important. She leads the committee in discussing and voting on legislation that impacts a broad range of health issues, including mental health, developmental disabilities, home and community-based services for the disabled, public aid, children and family services, public health and social services.

Furthermore, Naomi worked to keep mercury out of the environment and reduce its emissions by 90% by the year 2009. She also supported the addition of more recycling bins in Illinois schools and offices. In addition, she worked diligently to protect our natural resources like the Mahomet aquifer.

Naomi recognizes that identity theft is a major problem in today’s world. She continues to push for tighter protections by sponsoring legislation to allow any consumer to place a security freeze on his or her credit report if wrongdoing is suspected. She also supported tougher penalties for those who have been convicted of identity theft.

Naomi is also an advocate for issues concerning children and senior citizens. She has sponsored legislation to require schools to report cases of child abuse to authorities and to crack down on sex offenders who may want to harm our children by giving those offenders lifetime court supervision. Naomi also sponsored legislation that increases the senior citizen homestead exemption and allows elderly homeowners to freeze their property tax assessment and avoid an increase in their tax bill.

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