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Friday, October 5, 2012

Campaign Spotlight: Julie Morrison

Julie Morrison 
Illinois State Senate, 29th Senate District of Illinois
Issues: Small Business Development, Gun Control, Reproductive Rights, Education, Environment, Corruption

Julie Morrison is 100% pro-choice and has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. Julie Morrison knows that women don't turn to politicians for advice about birth control, mammograms, or cancer screenings. She believes that the government should not be involved in a woman's personal medical decisions.

Throughout her career, Julie has been involved in government-related activities, functions and positions. She has a broad range of experience in government finance, regulation, and services. As West Deerfield Township Supervisor for the past 14 years, Julie has seen first-hand the needs of residents and has developed many innovative programs through intergovernmental cooperation, collaboration between the public and private sector, and coalitions with social services.

Julie was born in Beardstown, Illinois. She attended Knox College and graduated with B.A. in political science in 1978. She was a member of the Phi Alpha Delta Political Science Honor Society. Summers during college were occupied with internships with State Senator John Knuppel (D) and the Illinois Energy Resources Commission.

On graduation from Knox, Julie accepted a full-time position with the Governor’s Office of Manpower and Human Development, in Springfield, Illinois. In 1979, Julie moved to Chicago and took a position as federal energy regulation analyst with Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America.

In 1986, Julie was appointed by the Governor to the Governor’s Statewide Advisory Council to the Department of Children and Family Services. She served from 1986 to 1996 (and was Chairperson of the committee from 1994-1996). During this time, she promoted new legislation protecting children’s rights in juvenile court and expanding the role of court appointed guardians-ad-litem.

In 1996, Julie received the endorsement of the township caucus and was elected as West Deerfield Township Supervisor in 1997. Intergovernmental cooperation became a priority during Julie’s administration, and partnerships with civic and corporate organizations were formed. This effort allowed the Township to develop programs and services to meet the changing needs of the people of West Deerfield Township.

In 1997, the Township was operating out of an 850-square-foot building with no readily accessible parking, no first-floor plumbing, and no public meeting space. Furthermore, the space did not meet current legal requirements for accessibility. Julie worked with other local governments and, through her leadership, property in downtown Deerfield was purchased by the township and rezoned in 2003. A new township center, with more space and enhanced services was financed, designed and constructed under Julie’s supervision. No new tax dollars were required to purchase this land or build this building.

Julie Morrison continues as West Deerfield Township Supervisor today. She believes that her 15 years as Township Supervisor have given her a unique opportunity to manage, to legislate and, most important, to listen. A hands-on advocate and caseworker for all clients, Julie has taken government responsiveness to a higher level. Financial need, transportation, employment, health care, mental illness, family dysfunction, utility shut-offs, elder services—these are some of the needs that are regularly presented to her. Julie’s ability to ascertain facts, analyze need, and target resources has made her office a one-stop shop for many in the community. The Township has less than five miles of road and, therefore, no road district. Thus, Julie also acts as road commissioner, budgeting for and retaining the services of engineers, inspectors, and road crews.

Julie is also very active in her community. She has been a member of the Highland Park Hospital Community Advisory Council since 2006. She is a board member of Southeast Lake County Faith-in-Action, an interfaith organization that provides volunteers to go into the homes of the elderly or frail. Since 2001, Julie has been a member of the Deerfield Rotary Club and organized a back-to-school program for children to receive new shoes, school supplies, and haircuts.

Julie and her husband Joe, an attorney, have been married for 32 years. They have three grown children who reside in Chicago.

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