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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Campaign Spotlight: Elaine Nekritz

Elaine Nekritz
Illinois House, 57th House District of Illinois
Issues: Budget, Pensions, Medicaid, Education, Jobs, Government Reform, Environment

Elaine Nekritz is 100% pro-choice and has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. Elaine Nekritz knows that women don't turn to politicians for advice about birth control, mammograms, or cancer screenings. She believes that government should not be involved in a woman's personal medical decisions.

Representative Elaine Nekritz has been a leader on Planned Parenthood issues since 2003. She has voted against dangerous restrictions on abortion. Because she knows that prevention is key, Representative Nekritz supports a bill to set standards for age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sex education. She wants young people to have the information they need to stay safe and healthy.

The youngest of four children, Elaine Nekritz was born in the Midwest and raised with genuine Midwestern values. From an early age, she learned the value of dedication, hard work and perseverance through competitive sports. She started as a gymnast and ultimately competed in college, for Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Then as an adult, she turned bicycle riding for fitness into competitive racing for more than a decade. Elaine was fortunate enough to be invited to Olympic trials in gymnastics and cycling, a testament to her commitment to real results. And it’s that commitment that she brings every day on behalf of the citizens of the 57th District in the Illinois House.

Elaine received her undergraduate degree in economics from Trinity, training that has served her well as she tackles the toughest issues in Springfield in pushing for real reform to regain control over our state budget and pensions. She then received a law degree at the University of Michigan and for nine years worked for Altheimer and Gray, one of Chicago’s top law firms.

Before being elected state representative in 2002, Elaine served as state public affairs chair for the National Council of Jewish Women, chair of the Village of Northbrook’s Community Relations Commission and as Democratic committeeman for Northfield Township. She’s also been a board member of the Active Transportation Alliance, a member of the Glenview League of Women Voters, and a lifetime member of the Sierra Club.

In Springfield, Elaine has made her mark as a smart, strong, independent voice for her constituents and for better, more transparent, and more accountable state government. Elaine has the important roles of chair of the Judiciary Civil Law Committee and chair of the Personnel and Pension Committee, which review legislation on two key issues at the Capitol. She’s also involved in shaping policy on House committees on environmental health and transportation.

Elaine has a distinguished record of accomplishment in the last decade and has earned widespread respect for:

  • Standing up to gridlock and corruption in Illinois by ending sweetheart deals and special treatment of campaign contributors and political insiders
  •  Pushing for a more efficient and accountable state budget by requiring consistent spending cuts, ending wasteful spending and prioritizing the most vital programs
  •  Working with all of her colleagues to set aside partisan gamesmanship and solve problems
  •  Leading policy discussions of pension reform to save state retirement programs from ruin
  •  Standing up to entrenched leadership in Springfield and changing how business is done in the Legislature
  •  Protecting families from harmful toxins in children’s products
Elaine’s exceptional public service is noticed. She’s won honors from the American Lung Association (Legislative Service Award), the Illinois Association of Park Districts (Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award) and the Illinois Public Transportation Association (Legislator of the Year). Her colleagues rely on her good judgment and policy expertise, seek out her leadership on complex issues and readily work with her to move Illinois forward.

Elaine knows us and our issues, residing in Northbrook with her husband Barry. She enjoys spending time with their grandchildren and talking with constituents as she hits farmers markets, concerts and other public events to stay in tune with what the 57th District expects from her in Springfield.

Elaine is honored to have had the opportunity to serve this district and this state for a decade. With your support and trust, she will head back to Springfield later this year to continue the fight for a better Illinois. She’s eager to tackle head-on the challenges of the new 57th District and greatly appreciates your support this November.

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