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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Campaign Spotlight: Deb O'Keefe Conroy

Deb O'Keefe Conroy
Illinois House, 46th House District of Illinois
Issues: Economic Development, Job Creation, Fiscal Responsibility, Senior Citizens, Budget, Education

Deb O'Keefe Conroy is 100% pro-choice and has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. Deb O'Keefe Conroy knows that women don't turn to politicians for advice about birth control, mammograms, or cancer screenings. She believes that the government should not be involved in a woman's personal medical decisions.
It is very important to vote for Deborah O’Keefe Conroy because her opponent, Daniel Kordik, doesn’t trust women to make personal medical decisions without government interference. Kordik has been endorsed by the ultra-conservative Family PAC which wants to ban all abortions with no exceptions – not even for rape victims. Kordik also opposes age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sex education.

Deborah O'Keefe Conroy is an artist, volunteer, mother, and community leader from Elmhurst, Illinois. Like so many others, she is fed up with self-serving politicians wasting taxpayer dollars and betraying the public’s trust. Conroy will instead use her spirit of service to bring common-sense solutions to some of the state’s most complicated problems.

As an artist, Deb uses her artistic talents to raise money for local charities. Her most prominent project is coordinating an annual fundraiser for the Elmhurst Children’s Assistance Foundation to raise money for sick and disabled children in the community.

As a mother, Deb has been very active in her children’s educations. She has worked hard to ensure accessible public education for all local students, helping to form the not-for-profit York Student Enrichment Team to help pay school fees for families experiencing financial difficulties. During her term on the District 205 school board, she focused on the needs of special needs students.

Deb Conroy volunteers her time to the community, teaching 7th grade religious education at Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church, being active in the PTA, and volunteering as an art teacher for a local preschool.

Conroy’s legislative priorities include creating good-paying jobs to encourage local economic development, providing critical tax relief to homeowners, balancing the state budget responsibly, and strengthening area schools. She also believes that during these difficult economic times, lawmakers should lead by example by cutting their own pay.

Deb and her husband, Tim, live in Elmhurst and have four sons, ages 26, 22, 17, and 15.

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