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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Campaign Spotlight: David Gill

David Gill
United States House, 13th Congressional District of Illinois
Issues: Medicare, Healthcare, Social Security, Debt Reduction, Education, Student Loans, Environmentalism, Corruption

David Gill is 100% pro-choice and has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. David Gill knows that women don't turn to politicians for advice about birth control, mammograms, or cancer screenings. He believes that government should not be involved in a woman's personal medical decisions.

David Gill knows what it’s like to struggle in this tough economy because of what he’s been through in his own life. When he was just 13, David’s father died of cancer. He started working as a dishwasher at a Big Boy restaurant to help pay the family’s bills.

David knew he wanted to be a doctor from the age of six. It wasn’t an easy road for him to get there. David stocked shelves at K-Mart to help put himself through college at the University of Illinois where he got his bachelor’s degree in math. He mopped floors in the middle of the night and did rich kids’ laundry to get through medical school at U of I.

David Gill has served as a family practice doctor and emergency room physician for over 20 years. He’s worked as a front-line health care provider for regular people in small towns and larger communities in Central Illinois. He currently works in the emergency room at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal.

David sees the problems with our health care system up close every day. He sees what happens when people can’t afford the medication or care they need to stay healthy. He knows too many families are just a paycheck or serious illness away from financial disaster.

David Gill has lived through it. When his first wife Polly was diagnosed with cancer, he struggled to get her the proper treatments. He had to fight with the insurance company to get them to pay for the care she needed before she died. He got a bill for $17,000 in his mailbox while he was planning her funeral and grieving with their three children.

David is now re-married and lives with his wife Elaine in Bloomington. They have six children, three dogs and a cat in their blended family— four of the kids are in college. David bleeds Orange and Blue and is a diehard baseball fan.

David Gill has never been on a government payroll or worked for a politician. He has never been an elected official. He’s a doctor, father, husband and neighbor who will bring a healthy dose of common sense to Washington, D.C.

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