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Friday, August 3, 2012

PPIA's Weekly Wrap-up

Everything that WE think YOU should know about this week in the world of reproductive health care, politics, women's rights, and beyond:

Gabby Douglas became the first African-American to win the Olympic gold in all-around women's gymnastics.

Affordable Care Act benefits kicked in August 1st,eliminating co-pay costs for many reproductive health services.  They even made an Affordable Care Act flash game!

A house republican compared the contraception mandate to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Westboro Baptist Church got counter-protested by zombies.

Mitt Romney's campaign said some racist things.  Also, women don't like him.

Obama, on the other hand, promises to stand his ground on reproductive and abortion rights.

Pro-choice protesters take to the streets in Spain after an unfavorable election.

In the midst of controversy surrounding fast-food behemoth Chick-fil-A and their anti-gay rights endorsements, a lone Chick-fil-A in New Hampshire takes a stand against bigotry.

PPIA wishes you all a fantastic weekend!

This post was created by Planned Parenthood Illinois Action.


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