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Monday, August 27, 2012

Paul Ryan: Wrong for Women

Earlier in August, Mitt Romney announced his VP selection as Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.  In the time since, this election has garnered some not-so-surprising internet hype: Ryan has been praised, scorned, turned into a meme, and compared to Eddie Munster by various news sources, bloggers, and internet trend-setters.  

With all of these opinions surfacing, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action thought it important to let Illinois know Ryan's terrible record when it comes to women, health care, and reproductive rights:

- Ryan has a 0% voting record when it comes to voting in favor of providing women with access to health care, birth control, and other services.

-Ryan voted to defund Planned Parenthood which would have denied over 3 million men and women access to birth control and cancer screenings.

-Ryan firmly believes that Roe v. Wade should be overturned so as to ban abortion, with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

-Ryan sponsored a "Personhood" bill, a dangerous measure that could outlaw various forms of birth control and fertilization treatments.

-Ryan's budget would dismantle Medicare, jeopardizing health care coverage for the millions who rely on its services.

-Ryan would see the Affordable Care Act repealed, denying countless services to women across the nation including cancer screenings, birth control, well-woman check-ups, and other preventative measures.

We knew Romney was staunchly against women's rights, but the addition of Paul Ryan to the ticket has made this election clearer than ever: A vote for Romney/Ryan is a vote against choice and a vote against women.

This post was created by Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA). PPIA is an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization formed as the advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL).

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