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Friday, July 20, 2012

PPIA's Weekly Wrap-up

Everything that WE think YOU should know about this week in the world of reproductive health care, politics, women's rights, and beyond:

Planned Parenthood is suing Arizona over a bill signed that would eliminate Planned Parenthood funding.

The Boy Scouts of America decide to continue their discrimination policy against the LGBTQ community.

Michele Bachmann says some crazy and mean things.

A Missouri judge strips a 5-year-old child from his mother on charges of neglect after she was detained by an immigration sting.

An Iowan Congressman thinks birth control is worse than animal cruelty.

The FDA has approved the first pill to prevent HIV after clinical trials demonstrate its success.

In response to the censorship of a Michigan congresswoman over the use of the word vagina, a twitter app that spams anti-choice Michigan congressmen with vagina-related questions was launched this week.

The National Journal predicts that, of the US House districts most likely to change hands, 6 of the top 75 are in Illinois.

Some people got really, really upset over the new gender-neutralizing bathroom policy of the Navy.

 Anti-choice congressmen continue to attempt defunding Planned Parenthood.

Have a safe, relaxing weekend!

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