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Friday, July 13, 2012

PPIA's Weekly Wrap-up

Everything that WE think YOU should know about this week in the world of reproductive health care, politics, woman's rights, and beyond:

Mississippi's only abortion center is fighting hard to remain open against protesters, lawmakers, and unfair legislation.

Comedian Daniel Tosh has been accused of proliferating rape culture because he told an audience member it would be funny if she "got raped by like, 5 guys".

Mitt Romney was 'booed' by the NAACP because he criticized Obamacare.

After pledging to send female athletes for the first time to the Olympics this year, Saudi Arabia seems to have regressed on this promise, stating that they would send female athletes, but none of them qualified.

House Republicans are trying to repeal the ACA.  Again.

Rick Perry and the Texan legislature continue to attack abortion rights and Planned Parenthood funding, despite the fact that such attacks are illegal due to national legislation.  Now, they're trying to make it illegal for doctors to discuss abortions with their patients.

World Population Day was this Wednesday, and the theme was reproductive health care.

Indiana's defunding of Planned Parenthood has led to massive rights violations, wherein woman are limited in their health care choices dramatically.

Mitt Romney still can't make up his mind on abortion.

The London Summit on Family Planning was a enormous success, raising money to save lives in countries with little access to contraception and health care.

Another work week over, another weekend to relax.  We'll see you all Monday.

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