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Monday, June 18, 2012

Get Registered to Vote!

If you've been following us online, keeping track of the current political campaigns, or simply picking up the morning paper over breakfast, then you understand that this electoral year is crucial for women's health and reproductive rights. 

As it stands, many issues hang in limbo.  The Affordable Care Act, which has already provided 45 million woman with free preventative testing such as mammograms and pap tests and may provide services to countless more American women, is being examined by the Supreme Court.  Irresponsible groups of law-makers and commentators have attacked women's reproductive rights through harmful legislation and rhetoric, with over 40 bills, 600 measures, and countless explicit comments.  Women, seeking to defend their rights through responsible grassroots and governmental means, have been met with resistance, discrimination, and censorship

Advocates of women's reproductive rights must recognize the importance of the upcoming elections and the formative, tangible effect they will have on us all.  For this reason, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action urges all over the age of 18 to register to vote now.  Registration is easy: you only need to fill out the linked form and mail it in.  The registration form is also available in Spanish. 

Unsure if you are already registered to vote?  Enter your name and zip code here to find out.  If you would like to register in person or don't know where to go to vote on election day, you can find the nearest location for registration and polling locations here.  Any other questions about registration and voting can be answered by the State Board of Elections homepage.

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