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Monday, March 26, 2012

Stop Anti-Choice House Bills 4085 & 4117 Now!

Friday, March 30 is the deadline for passage of House Bills out of the Illinois House. This means that any day this week the House could vote on HB 4085 (Ultrasound mandate) and HB 4117 (Clinic Regulations).

HB 4085 requires that, prior to performing an abortion, a physician must offer to perform an ultrasound and allow the patient to view it if she chooses to. It is highly unusual for a law to force a doctor to offer a particular test or procedure regardless of whether or not it is medically indicated. HB 4085 violates the doctor-patient relationship. Health care professionals, not politicians, should decide what care is best for their patients.

HB 4117 mandates that all facilities where 50 or more abortions are performed in any calendar year must comply with all of the regulations for Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers (ASTCs). Illinois law does not require surgeries to be performed only in ASTCs or hospital settings and this bill singles out abortion as the ONLY type of surgical procedure that MUST be performed in an ASTC if there are 50 or more performed at a particular site.

Neither HB 4085 nor HB 4117 improve safety or health care. These bills are direct attacks towards women and they are politically motivated.  

Five pro-choice amendments are waiting to be voted on for HB 4085 in the full House. Two pro-choice amendments have been filed on HB 4117. We are waiting to see if they will be considered.

Please Call/Fax/Email your state representatives offices at the capitol in Springfield. We need to ask the representatives to do the following:

Vote YES on the amendments to HB 4085!

Vote NO on final passage of HB 4085!

Vote YES on the amendments to HB 4117!

Vote NO on HB 4117!

Contact your Rep by clicking here or call the Capitol switchboard: 217-782-2000.
Contact info for specific representatives:

There is no time to waste!  Action could happen as early as this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Tell your Representative that you won't stand for these anti-women's health bills. Urge your Representative to vote NO on HB 4117 and 4085.

Check out these articles from RH Reality Check here and here.

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