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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank you, Governor Quinn!

In a political climate currently dominated by anti-choice rhetoric and legislative assaults on women’s health, it takes true integrity for a politician to stand up for women and advocate for the rights of his or her female constituents.

Luckily for us in Illinois, we have a champion for women’s health in Governor Pat Quinn, who recently made the decision to present an award at an upcoming event for Personal PAC, an organization dedicated to supporting pro-choice candidates in state elections. The award will be presented to a rape survivor and victim advocate who was courageous enough to share her own story in order to help others. We commend both Gov. Quinn and Personal PAC’s awardee for their dedication to protecting women’s health.

Unfortunately, there are some who condemn these efforts rather than offer the praise they deserve. The Catholic Conference of Illinois yesterday released a statement by the state’s bishops condemning Gov. Quinn for his work and Planned Parenthood for ours.

What the statement neglects to mention, however, is the urgent need for the work that we do. By supporting organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Gov. Quinn is supporting access to essential reproductive care for thousands of men and women each year, many of who have no other place to go. He is supporting the preventive services that make up more than 90% of our work, including contraceptive services, STI prevention and treatment and lifesaving cancer screenings. And in supporting Personal PAC, he is committing to protect this access against the anti-choice politicians who have of late become all too common.

We are extremely disappointed in the Bishops’ statement and in their belief that standing up for women is anything less than laudable. Governor Quinn, thank you for being a true champion of women’s health care! Please join us in thanking Governor Quinn by sending him an e-thank you letter!

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