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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tell your representative to vote YES on HB 3027!

Many of the ideas we promote here at Planned Parenthood can be boiled down to a simple cause-and-effect, "if-then" formula. For example:

If a person uses condoms during sex, then that person is at much lower risk for an unplanned pregnancy or an STI.

If a parent talks openly with his or her child about sex, then that child is much more likely to make healthy and positive sexual decisions.

And if a public school in Illinois offers sexual health education in grades 6-12, then the curriculum should be medically accurate as well as developmentally- and age-appropriate.

That last one is the aim of HB 3027, a bill that will be taken up for consideration by the Illinois House of Representatives – and one that our state desperately needs. Currently, Illinois does not require any comprehensive sex education to be taught in its public schools, meaning that not all youth are receiving accurate medical information.

Some students, of course, are lucky enough to be in classrooms where accurate, honest information is the norm. But then there are the students who aren’t so lucky – and their lack of access to essential health information has played a hand in giving Illinois its terrible report card in sexual health. We currently rank 18th out of all states in teen birth rate, 6th in rate of HIV transmission, and 3rd for infections of chlamydia and gonorrhea. 

One of the best tools we have in the fight to reverse these trends is the young people who call Illinois home. By empowering them to make sexually healthy decisions, we can cut down on rates of unintended pregnancy, HIV and other STIs – but that can’t happen without the necessary knowledge. Take action today and tell your representative to support HB 3027! 

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