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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Attention 2012 Candidates: Women Are Watching

Mitt Romney: “As President, I will end funding for abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood.”

Gov. Rick Perry: “Roe v. Wade is nothing more than a shameful footnote in our nation’s history books.”

Rep. Steve King: “We will one day see an end to the ghastly and ghoulish and gruesome procedures that are sometimes described as women’s health services. They are not, and they are not good for women’s health either.”

These are just a small representation of the anti-woman rhetoric that these three have spouted over the course of their political careers – and they, in turn, are a small representation of the candidates and elected officials working to roll back women’s health. For years, we’ve been listening to politicians try their hardest to convince the public that a nation more hostile to women is, somehow, a better one.

Well, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is here to deliver a message to all those running for office in the 2012 elections: We, along with the women of America, are far from convinced. And we’re watching you.

This past Tuesday marked the debut of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s newest campaign, Women are Watching. Now that we're only a year out from Election Day 2012, candidates from both parties need to know that the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and our supporters are fed up with the seemingly unending barrage of legislation against women’s health and we plan to make our voices heard all the way through this year and into the voting booths. We are watching because women deserve elected officials who care about their health and their lives, and we are watching so that we can think, act and vote to protect the health of our family, our friends, our neighbors and ourselves. Visit to sign the pledge to do the same!


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