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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy 95th birthday, Planned Parenthood!

On October 16, 1916 a small clinic opened in Brooklyn, New York to provide local men and women with contraception and birth control information. In the decades since that day, that same clinic has grown into the nation’s leading women’s health care provider and advocate, serving millions of men, women and teens each year.

And now, here we are, 95 years old and still talking about sex.

But we’ve been doing much more than talking – Planned Parenthood has been around for a lot of changes in these past 95 years. Since the days of that small Brooklyn clinic, Planned Parenthood has worked tirelessly to give women of all walks of life access to family planning services. We were a key player in the development of both the birth control pill and the IUD, and it was a Planned Parenthood suit that struck down state laws forbidding contraception within marriage with Griswold vs. Connecticut. The services we’ve provided over the years to help women plan and space their pregnancies have led to dramatic improvements in maternal and infant health, a plummeting infant death rate, and a world of increasingly diverse educational, political, social and professional opportunity for women.

Today, more than five million women, men and teens worldwide count on us for preventive health services and education, and one out of every five American women has come to a Planned Parenthood health center for health information and care. We do more to prevent unintended pregnancy than any other provider or advocate in the US, helping to avert 612,000 unintended pregnancies and 291,000 abortions each year. That’s on top of the one million Pap tests, 830,000 breast exams, four million STI tests and treatments, 1.1 million pregnancy tests, and education programs reaching 1.2 million people in the past year alone.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois is proud to provide health care to more than 60,000 patients each year, and especially proud of the hardworking staff, dedicated volunteers, and steadfast supporters who make it possible. You are the reason that Planned Parenthood has earned the confidence of American women and families and will continue to do so for generations to come. Thanks for helping us get so far – you’re the best birthday present we could ask for!


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