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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two New Polls Show Majority Support For Planned Parenthood!

A Gallup poll released last week found that 57 percent of voters oppose “a law prohibiting health clinics that provide abortion services from receiving any federal funds.” This would include efforts to bar Planned Parenthood from receiving funds for preventive health care including lifesaving cancer screenings, breast exams, birth control, and STD testing and treatment.

A poll conducted by Harris Interactive/HealthDay found that 55 percent of voters oppose “eliminating state funding from Planned Parenthood.” Only 33 percent support the elimination of this funding. The Harris poll also found that 83 percent of respondents support access to abortion in “some” or “all circumstances.” This is a 7 point increase from 2009.

Jennifer Colamonico, a senior researcher with Harris Interactive said of the results, "Despite the current trend of fiscal conservatism in the United States stemming from the economic downturn, Americans overall remain socially moderate on abortion rights.”

Other public polls also show strong support for Planned Parenthood:
  • CNN: 65 percent of voters “think the federal government should continue to provide funding to Planned Parenthood.” This includes 68 percent of women and 58 percent of independents. [, 4/11/11]
  • Quinnipiac University: 53 percent of voters opposed "cutting off federal government funding to Planned Parenthood." The poll also found that 50 percent of Independent voters - as well as 66 percent of voters aged 18-34 and 60 percent of "moderate" voters - opposed "cutting off federal governemnt funding to Planned Parenthood. [, 3/3/11]
  • NBC/Wall Street Journal: 53 percent of Americans found it "mostly or totally unacceptable" to "eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood for family planning and preventive health services." Among women aged 18-49, 60 percent found it "mostly or totally unacceptable" to "eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood for family planning and preventive health services." [, 3/3/11]
The numbers speak for themselves! Thank you for your support.

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