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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Women are not Livestock!

The ACLU held a "Women are not Livestock" rally yesterday in Springfield, Illinois, to object to several anti-choice bills that were assigned to and then heard in the House Agricultural Committee.  Rally supporters wore t-shirts with an image of a cow and expressed their outrage that bills pertaining to women's health were not taken more seriously and assigned instead to a more appropriate committee with expertise in public health issues.  The rally had a successful turnout, but unfortunately one anti-choice bill, HB 3156 passed out of committee and will now be moving to the House floor.

"Women are not Livestock" rally attendees
HB 3156 mandates that all facilities where 50 or more abortions are performed in any calendar year must comply with all of the regulations for Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers (ASTC’s).

HB 3156 would apply to facilities that provide either surgical abortions or medication abortions (which do
not require surgical procedures). This means that while no surgeries are being performed on site, the
facility would still be required to follow all ASTC regulations.

The supporters of HB 3156 are not medical or public health organizations. They are groups who have a political agenda in making abortion as difficult to access as possible.  Medical facilities that provide abortion care are already regulated through a variety of laws and rules.  For more than 20 years, the Illinois Public Health Department has been safely and effectively regulating these clinics, so there is no medical need for this bill.  Plain and simple, the intent with this bill is to prevent women from accessing abortion care, not to increase safety.

Urge your state representative to oppose HB 3156 by sending a letter through the ACLU action link here.

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