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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now Introducing: Planned Parenthood of Illinois' Podcast Series!

Planned Parenthood of Illinois is excited to introduce the first installment of our podcast series!

"Common Sense: The Case for Comprehensive Sexual Education in Illinois" will be a six-part series highlighting the need for comprehensive sex ed in Illinois schools. Currently, there are no regulations that require sexual education within public school curriculum. Our students deserve accurate and evidence-based sex education to make safe, informed choices and to enable them to protect their sexual health throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

Our first episode discusses the current state of Illinois' sex ed. What are the regulations on sexual education right now and what are our students learning? Tune in to hear interviews with Planned Parenthood's Teen Awareness Group (TAG), in which members share their various experiences of sexual education provided in their high school.

Make sure to visit our blog each Tuesday for a new episode in the series!

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