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Friday, February 18, 2011

Quigley Speaks Out in Support of Title X

With recent legislation, the House Republican leadership has launched an outrageous assault on the millions of Americans who rely on Planned Parenthood for primary and preventive health care, including lifesaving breast and cervical cancer screenings, annual exams, birth control, HIV testing, and STI testing and treatment. This is a political attack by extreme members of Congress against the health and rights of women, plain and simple

Congressman Mike Quigley gets it.  He knows how devasting the proposed cuts to Title X family planning funds would be for women and their families.  He understands that investing in family planning saves the government dollars in the long run.  That's why he stood up for women and urged his colleagues to support Title X funding.

"The conversation we’re having today is not about choice, but choices.  With family planning we can reduce abortions and save the federal government money.  Without, we only pretend to do either. With family planning, we can embrace educating and providing health care to women.  Without, we abandon women when they need care the most. With family planning, we can empower the women of America.  Without, we undermine them."

We couldn't agree more.  We applaud Congressman Quigley for speaking out and for being a champion of choice!  We only wish there were more Mike Quigleys out there!  Watch this clip to hear the full statement he made in favor of an amendment that would restore Title X funds. 

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