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Friday, October 22, 2010

Vote for Alexi Giannoulias for U. S. Senator!

Conservative activists are working to turn out votes in key states, including Illinois, in order to put the leadership of the U. S. Senate into anti-choice hands. We can't afford to let this happen!

In the Senate EVERY vote counts! That's right. It's so close in the Senate that one vote can literally change the outcome for women's health legislation.

That's why we need Alexi Gianoulias in the U. S. Senate!

Alexi Giannoulias supports a woman's right to choose, access to family planning services, and comprehensive sex education.

Alexi has a record of standing up for Illinois women!

As State Treasurer, Alexi went outside the scope of his office to fight for women’s reproductive rights in the Illinois General Assembly by actively supporting legislation such as the Reproductive Health and Access Act. We need Alexi Giannoulias as our U. S. Senator.

You can vote for Alexi Giannoulias TODAY! Early voting has started and will continue through October 28th. During this time period you can vote in person at one of the special early voting locations set up by our local election authority. To find your early voting location, look up your local election authority HERE.

You can also vote on the traditional Election Day which is November 2nd.

Whichever way you vote - vote for Alexi Giannoulias for U. S. Senate!

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