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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Sheila Simon, PPIA-endorsed Candidate for Lieutenant Governor!

Last week, PPIA hosted a get-together in Springfield for cocktails and conversation with Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Sheila Simon. For those of you who missed it, it was a great opportunity to learn more about where the PPIA-endorsed candidate stands on issues affecting the lives of Illinois women and families. Unlike Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Bill Brady, and his running mate for Lieutenant Governor, Jason Plummer, Simon is a steadfast supporter of a woman's right to choose.

Simon spoke to guests about Illinois families who are struggling to support their children on minimum wage, and how Bill Brady believes the minimum wage should be lowered--a measure that could devastate hardworking families. Simon also talked about the importance of requiring insurance to cover mammograms, a life-saving preventative health care service. The requirement recently became law, despite Bill Brady’s vote against it.

Sheila Simon knows how essential it is for insurance companies to cover health procedures that are applicable only to women. After her daughter was born, the hospital informed her that she had to be discharged because her insurance wouldn't pay for her stay any longer. Luckily, we now have a law that requires minimum hospital stays for childbirth--24 hours for vaginal delivery and 48 for c-section—an essential bill that Bill Brady voted against.

Simon, a mother of two daughters, believes being pro-choice just makes sense, and that victims of sexual violence and rape need to have choices available to them. She knows, and we agree, that Bill Brady is just too extreme for our state, and that the women and families of Illinois deserve better. We deserve the right to choose, and we deserve affordable life-saving healthcare no matter our gender.

PPIA is honored to have spent such a wonderful evening with Sheila Simon and we encourage you to vote her in for next Lieutenant Governor! As a lawyer, teacher, and a working mother with a wealth of experience and lifetime of service, Sheila Simon is truly the right choice.

To see pictures from the event, click here. Or for more information on Sheila Simon and other PPIA-endorsed candidates, click here!


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