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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vote for David Miller for Illinois State Comptroller!

We need pro-choice leaders at all levels of government and the office of Illinois State Comptroller is no exception. What does the Comptroller do, you ask? As Illinois’ Chief Fiscal Officer, the Comptroller is responsible for paying the state’s bills. In the 2010 November general election, David Miller is the choice for Comptroller.

Miller established his pro-choice credentials as an Illinois state representative. Through his consistent voting record, he showed that he supports a woman's right to choose without government interference.

- He voted in favor of the Illinois law that requires health insurance to cover birth control.

- He supported the Illinois law that requires hospital emergency rooms to tell rape victims about emergency contraception.

- He supports comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education.

Miller's opponent, Judy Barr Topinka, is a disappointment for Illinois women. Although she has claimed to support choice, she also has said she would support numerous restrictions on a woman's right to choose. Her record as a state senator backs this up. Topinka voted for a ban on abortion coverage in state employee health insurance even for cases of rape or medical necessity and for a bill that would have allowed a husband to challenge his wife's decision to have an abortion in court!

Illinois deserves better! This November 2nd, make sure to vote for David Miller for Comptroller!

For more information about David Miller's campaign click here.

For a list of other PPIA endorsements, click here.

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