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Thursday, September 16, 2010


According to the Guttmacher Institute, sex education programs that provide information about both abstinence and contraception help to delay the onset of sexual activity among teens, reduce their number of sexual partners and increase contraceptive use when they become sexually active. Comprehensive sex education is proven study after study to reduce teenage pregnancy and STI rates. So WHY has America spent over $1.5 billion on less effective abstinence-only programs? In our own state, nearly 40% of students who learn sexual health education in schools are taught an abstinence-only curriculum. Let's do something about it!

On Monday Sept. 27, 122 young people from 33 states will travel to Washington DC for the 11th Annual Urban Retreat. These young activists will spend a day of their retreat lobbying on Capitol Hill to end all funding for abstinence-only education programs. In addition to meeting with congressional staff face-to-face, these young activists will also be delivering a petition with what they hope will be 5,000 signatures to end funding for abstinence-only programs once and for all.

YOU CAN HELP! Sign the petition, share it on Facebook, and send it along to friends and family who know we can not afford to spend another dime on sex education that doesn't work. The youth of America deserves better.

Follow these steps to do your part:

1. SIGN the petition!
2. SHARE it on Facebook
3. SEND it to your friends

It's time to end abstinence-only programs and empower our youth with the education they deserve!

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