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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Loved Bodies, Big Ideas" Essay Contest!

It's no secret that body image is an inner struggle every woman can relate to. We are surrounded by images of what is "beautiful," and actresses and models are getting skinnier by the minute! Eating disorders are a very common and very scary reality for girls everywhere.

For so many women, our bodies are a constant reconstruction project. So what do we do?

Now's YOUR chance to tell the world what YOU think should be done! The Women's Therapy Centre Institute recently announced an essay contest giving women like you a chance to share your big idea. In a 500-word max essay, the contest asks you to answer the following question:

What is one bold action that could make the world truly value the diversity of women and girls' bodies?

The three winners of the contest will get to present their big idea to the Endangered Species Summit in March of 2011 in New York City! For more information on this exciting essay contest and details on how to enter, click here. We hope you all enter! This is an amazing opportunity to get your voice heard.

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