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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Join Planned Parenthood of Illinois at Graham Czach's Album Release Party

Exciting news for Planned Parenthood of Illinois!!

Award-winning and versatile musician Graham Czach is teaming up with Planned Parenthood of Illinois to host the record release party of the year! Clear your schedules because on Friday, October 15 Graham Czach will be performing at Martyrs (3855 Lincoln Ave) in Chicago at 9:30pm to celebrate his debut album Lucid and to promote safe sexual behavior and reproductive rights.
Graham Czach's musical style is influenced by some of his favorite bands growing up: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Crosby Stills Nash & Young. He is known in the windy city for his modern and progressive rock sensibilities, but we know him best as a musical activist. Czach's new album, Lucid, features a powerful song about abortion rights titled "Choice." Czach, a talented and socially conscious musician, just so happens to be passionate about reproductive rights. So obviously, we love him!

Planned Parenthood of Illinois is more than proud to collaborate with such a talented and inspirational figure like Graham Czach. We love his music just as much as we love his message. A percentage of the event proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood of Illinois and other charities such as Greenpeace and the American Cancer Society. If only all musicians were so socially conscious...

Graham Czach is a recent winner of the Chicago Music Award and a 3-time consecutive winner of the the Union and Civic Arts League of Chicago Jazz Improvisation Competition. And the members of Czach's band are no strangers to the music world either as all of them are current members of well-known, successful musical groups:

Drummer- Kris Myers (Umphrey's McGee)
Keyboardist- Matt Nelson (Lupe Fiasco and Matthew Santos)
Guitarist- Chris Siebold (Howard Levy and Kick the Cat)
Bassist- Graham Burris (Lupe Fiasco and Matthew Santos)

Come support Graham Czach and Planned Parenthood of Illinois on October 15 at Martyrs in Chicago at 9:30pm! Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at the door or online at:

For more info on Graham Czach, go to


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