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Monday, August 2, 2010

War on the Homefront: "12th and Delaware"

We encourage you to watch HBO's screening of the intimate documentary, 12th and Delaware, airing tonight at 7pm central. First shown at the Sundance Film Festival, this film is a powerful, gripping telling of the real-life war waging on a street corner in Florida. On one side of the street an abortion clinic strives to provide women with choices and information, and on the other side a pro-life organization, or "Crisis Pregnancy Center," (CPC) aims to prohibit a woman's right to choose. This revolutionary film offers the audience an insider's view of both organizations. It documents the CPC misinformation campaign and the abortion clinic's fight to survive.

The clinic staff have concerns about their own safety, but also worry about the women who mistakenly end up at the CPC. CPCs market themselves as healthcare providers but they are actually veiled pro-life organizations nortorious for providing their clients with inaccurate or partial information in order to prevent them from seeking abortion services.

This film is directed by renowned Oscar nominees Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, best known for their explosive work, Jesus Camp. In this new film, Ewing and Grady give us an unbiased, accurate image of CPCs and a detailed account of two individual organizations. We hope that this documentary begins a dialogue and educates people on the harsh realities of "Crisis Pregnancy Centers," as well as the skewed information they disseminate.

At Planned Parenthood, we believe that honest, accurate communication is essential to the doctor-patient relationship.

12th and Delaware will air on HBO several times and is available On Demand throughout August.

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Blogger Debbie Goodman said...

how do i send my encouragement to the doctor in the film? i can feel her compassion for these women, who are faced with a difficult and PERSONAL decision. and why are the people across the street allowed to LIE to women about medical information? i hope your film brings this to light! instead of making broken promises to these women about sticking around after the birth of an unwanted child, why don't they FOSTER unwanted children with their time instead? i worked with foster parents for 8 years, and i wouldn't wish for an unwanted child to be born into this world-it can be a hard and lonely life. i pray for the doctor's safety, and it's really sad that it's even in question. i don't understand the logic of wanting to save an un-baby, and at the same time wanting to KILL a doctor. it's unGodlike.

August 14, 2010 at 1:56 PM  

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