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Monday, August 30, 2010

This is the Pro-choice Ticket for the November Election!

Governor - Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn has a decades long record of supporting a woman's right to choose. He also supports access to reproductive health care including insurance coverage of birth control.

Quinn's opponent is a radically anti-choice. Bill Brady wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest. He even thinks that health insurance doesn't need to cover birth control and that pharmacies should be able to refuse to fill your prescriptions!

For more information about Governor Quinn's campaign go to

Lt. Governor - Sheila Simon

Sheila Simon has pledged her support for the issues important to Planned Parenthood - choice, family planning, and sex education. She has a background in advocating for women. Simon helped start Southern Illinois University's law school domestic violence clinic, which continues to serve clients and train law students.

Jason Plummer, Simon's opponent has been endorsed by the Illinois Federation for Right to Life which wants to ban abortions in Illinois.

For information about Sheila Simon, go to

Attorney General - Lisa Madigan

Lisa Madigan's pro-choice record goes back to her career as an Illinois State Senator during which time she voted pro-choice at every opportunity. Madigan also supports access to family planning services and medically acurate, age-appropriate sex education.

To learn more about Lisa Madigan's campaign go to

Secretary of State - Jesse White

Jesse White has a pro-choice record that was well established during his 16 years as a state representative. Over the years White has stood firm in his commitment to women’s issues. You may wonder why it is important to have a pro-choice leader in the position of Secretary of State, as it manages our state’s properties and libraries and runs our driver's license facilities. White’s position is important because he steadfastly stood against anti-choice license plates when they were first proposed in Illinois. He continued that opposition even when anti-choice activists filed a suit against him to try to force implementation of the plates. And, he won!

To learn more about Jesse White's campaign go to

Comptroller - David Miller

Representative David Miller has been a pro-choice leader in the Illinois House. He co-sponsored the Reproductive Health and Access Act. He voted for important legislation like contraceptive coverage in health insurance and emergency contraception information for rape victims.

Miller’s opponent, Judy Barr Topinka, has an anti-choice record going back to when she was in the Illinois Senate. She has taken such extreme positions as supporting a ban on abortion coverage in state employee health insurance even in for cases of rape or medical necessity and allowing a husband to legally challenge his wife’s decision to have an abortion.

To learn more about David Miller's campaign go to

Treasurer - Robin Kelly

Robin Kelly had a 100% pro-choice voting record as a state representative in the Illinois House. She supported the Illinois contraceptive coverage in health insurance law and legislation designed to protect reproductive health centers from anti-choice violence. Her commitment to Planned Parenthood issues goes beyond her government service. She is also a former Planned Parenthood board member!

Dan Rutherford, Kelly's opponent, has an anti-choice record as both a state representative and a state senator. He is supported by extreme anti-choice groups that oppose access to reproductive health care in Illinois.

To find out more about Robin Kelly's campaign

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