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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Planned Parenthood of Illinois Introduces President and CEO Carole Brite

The Board of Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) is pleased to present Carole Brite as our new President and Chief Executive Officer. Carole has a long commitment to PPIL, having served on the board and as Treasurer for more than 10 years. She previously was Interim CEO.

Carole brings 25 years of experience in non-profit and for-profit finance to her new role. She is a CPA and was a Partner and Managing Director of the accounting firm RSM McGladrey before joining the PPIL staff.

Carole has a tremendous history of public service to women and families. In addition to her board service for PPIL, she has served as board member and Treasurer for the Women's Issues Network, Friends of Battered Women and their Children, and Rape Victims Advocates.

"Carole has the management savvy, experience and deep commitment to our organization and mission that we need to lead Planned Parenthood of Illinois" said PPIL Board Chairman Randall Doubet-King. "She has the vision and the know-how to achieve our goals."

Carole has set ambitious goals for PPIL: to expand access to reproductive health care services across the state; provide comprehensive sexual education in more communities; and empower diverse voices for reproductive justice across Illinois.

"I come to the position of CEO with the conviction that the financial health of our organization is a top priority. The foundation of our organization is strong and maintaining our financial health is critical to everything we want to accomplish in health care, education and advocacy," said Brite.

Carole's experience growing up in a small Indiana town without a Planned Parenthood, and little access to reproductive counseling, influences her to this day.

"Young women didn't have options, and there was no one there to help them. As a mother, and as an advocate, I will fight every day to fulfill a promise to every woman in Illinois - you can count on Planned Parenthood." said Brite.

Click here to read a letter from Carole Brite.

Click here to read today's press release from PPIL.

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