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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Experience with Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Choice

Read this wonderful reflection from Tom Alte, a Planned Parenthood intern and co-president of Advocates for Choice at ISU, about his experience with PPIL and what he plans on doing with all that he has learned.

He wrote:

This past year, I was selected as co-president and co-founder of Advocates for Choice at Illinois State University. While I’ve always considered reproductive health an important issue, working for Planned Parenthood has given me a deeper understanding of what this movement is all about. I applied for this internship to help my fellow students and improve the campus community. In that sense, I have accomplished the goals I set for myself.

Every activity I participated in this past year has given me valuable experience that I can now apply to my career. I learned that information is the most important and influential tool at my disposal to improve the lives of my fellow students. Whether that be handing out condoms with basic instructions, fliers about sexual health, or informing the community about legislation that affects them, I tried to seize every opportunity to help those around me while showing the community the valuable service that Planned Parenthood provides.

I’ll admit, I confronted some opposition from some students and even some faculty, but the overwhelming majority of people I came into contact with are supportive of the work we do on campus. The service that Planned Parenthood is providing through Advocates for Choice is both needed and appreciated by campuses across the state. I only hope that my career, wherever it takes me, is as rewarding and has as much an impact as my internship with Planned Parenthood.

-Tom Alte
Co-President: Advocates for Choice at Illinois State

Thank you, Tom! Planned Parenthood of Illinois is so grateful of our volunteers and interns. Your help is indispensable, and we appreciate your passion and dedication.

Interested in being a Planned Parenthood intern? Apply here.

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