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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tell Your Story...

Hey activists and supporters:

Tell us why reproductive health care is important to you? Why do you support Planned Parenthood of Illinois? What experiences have you had as a pro-choice advocate?

Your story will be shared with elected officials and our supporters online through regular spotlights on this blog. As a dedicated supporter, your voice motivates fellow advocates and helps protect the reproductive rights of every woman in Illinois.

Here is the story of one of wonderful activists:

"I attended lobby day last year and I always find it to be very exciting. I'm never able to speak to my state rep but I always find someone who will listen. I always seem to get a little anxious, waiting and hoping that my name will be called by one of the doormen. Today I watched as a teen that came with us had her name called. She explained our purpose for being at the capital and handed the state rep a fact sheet about RHAA. The look on the young lady's face was priceless as her state rep told her that she was a co-sponsor for HB6205. Seeing things like this make me love the work that I do and keeps me dedicated." -April Thompson, Age 34

Tell Your Story is a collection of personal stories from activists and volunteers. Confidentiality is important to us, so we will protect it and use only the information that you are comfortable with.

Please contact with your name, number and e-mail, if you are interested in participating!

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