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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PPIA Denounces Bill Brady for Anti-Choice Stance

Yesterday, March 9, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA) met with pro-choice advocacy groups, including Chicago NOW, Personal PAC and Progressive Action Project, the Illinois State PAC of Citizen Action, along with many other women business and political leaders, to discuss GOP Governor Candidate and State Senator, Bill Brady.

During the press conference, Beth Kanter of PPIA openly expressed her reaction to Bill Brady winning the gubernatorial seat, "I literally shuttered at the notion of him in the governor's office."

Brady's anti-choice record and opposing stance on health care funding is an indication of the negative effects his election could bring. The upcoming gubernatorial election is very important for all Illinoisans, determining the future of our state for the next four years, but it carries extra significance for the women of Illinois.

Kanter also stated, "His record demonstrates that he is anti-woman, anti-choice, and that his views are, quite frankly, antediluvian."

Click here for more on what was said at the press conference yesterday.

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