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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lobby Day Live!!!

Planned Parenthood of Illinois and our coalition partners are in Springfield to motivate the General Assembly to vote YES on HB 6205, the Reproductive Health and Access Act (RHAA)!!!

We have an awesome group of just under 100 volunteers and activists in our capital right now, ready and raring to speak to their State Representatives!!!

RHAA has three main goals:

1) To prohibit government inference for a woman to have an abortion, access to birth control, or carry a pregnancy to term.

2) To ensure age appropriate comprehensive sex education in all public schools in the state, with the option for parents to opt-out if they so wish.

3) To guarantee equal access for all reproductive health services, including pre-natal care or abortion, under Medicaid. This will enable all women, of all socio-economic classes to have their full right to reproductive choice.

In just a short while, our activists will be heading over to speak to their representatives!

Check back soon, we will keep you posted!!!

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