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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Words from our Supporters

Tell us your story.

What was it like to participate in a rally? Have you had difficulties in obtaining affordable reproductive services? Why is safe reproductive health care important to you?

Your story will be shared with elected officials and our supporters online through this blog. As a dedicated supporter, your voice helps protect the reproductive rights of every woman in Illinois.

Here are some words from a couple dedicated supporters:

"PPIL has opened my eyes to a world that is often forgotten by middle class people, women's health! Without PPIL thousands of women every year would be left out of the health care system." - Anonymous, Sept 09

"... [W]omen need the right to an abortion, as well as sex education, and access to birth control. If abortions were illegal, women that were determined enough would still receive them... As for comprehensive sex education, if women are to [be] safe, they need to know all the facts. So many women and teenage girls have incomplete or incorrect knowledge about sex, pregnancy and abortion. This needs to be changed." - Ben, Age 16

Tell Your Story is a project is to collect personal stories from activists and volunteers. Confidentiality is important to us, so we will carefully protect it and use only the information that you are comfortable with.

Please contact with your name, number and e-mail, if you are interested in participating!

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