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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Follow Up on Valenti Op-Ed

Unsurprisingly, the Jessica Valenti op-ed in Monday's Washington Post spurred some interesting comments from some pretty angry readers.

Her article, which focused on the ramifications of ingrained sexism within our country, was a call to action for women, as well as men, to recognize that mere representation does not make women equal. Jessica made it quite clear in her article, as well as in all of her other work, that her goal is not to cut men down, but rather to fight against the flagrant mistreatment of women within our culture. The only way to do that is to call out those who are perpetuating sexism.

As she states on her blog Monday evening, "The only kind of person who thinks hating sexism is the same thing as hating men is someone who thinks being a man is dependent on being sexist."

Read Valenti's reaction to what people had to say about her WaPo article.

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