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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Video Exclusive: One Soldier's Harrowing Struggle

Watch this New York Times video exclusive about Capt. Margaret H. White and her difficult struggle with a sexual assailant during her deployment in Iraq.

The presence of sexual assault within the military is exceedingly prevalent, with the Pentagon reporting 2,908 cases of assault involving military personnel as either the victim or the assailant.

Unfortunately, professionals project the number of reported sexual assault cases within the military is only 10% of the actual number of assaults. Capt. White admits that she told no one about her assault for months, because she felt it was her responsibility to focus on her duties.

The military is making great strides to lower the rate of assault and increase the number of cases that are reported.

According to White, her struggle against assault, was the "most difficult experience of her military career."

For advice on relationships and how to stand up to assault, check out this helpful information from the Planned Parenthood website.


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