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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vote YES for the Bubble Zone Ordinance!

As you heard from yesterday's exciting City Chicago City Council meeting, the Bubble Zone Ordinance passed with a vote of 28 - 13 (the latest count!). While this is very exciting, anti-choice hardliners are trying to convince Mayor Daley to veto the bill. The Mayor's Office has set up a hotline to vote for or against the ordinance.

We need your help to make sure the Ordinance is passed!

PLEASE follow the directions below to vote YES for the Bubble Zone Ordinance.

1.) CALL the Mayor's Office at 312-744-3300
2.) PRESS 1 to submit your opinion on the Bubble Zone Ordinance
3.) Then PRESS 1 to vote YES on the Bubble Zone Ordinance

Please share this information with your pro-choice contacts. They aren't recording votes, so please keep calling!

We need as many votes as we can get to make sure the Bubble Zone Ordinance is passed!

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