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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Support Clinic Safety - Call Your Alderman Today!

ATTENTION READERS: We need your help!

Tomorrow, the Chicago City Council will vote on a proposed 'Bubble Zone' ordinance (see last post) that will create a safety zone around hospitals, medical clinics, and health care facilities. Within this 50 foot buffer, individuals would be prohibited from approaching people within 8 feet unless they are given permission. In addition, the ordinance would prohibit interfering with someone's ability to enter or leave a medical facility.

In recent months, reproductive health centers have been the target of increased protests. The tactics of the protestors have become more aggressive. Patients have been heckled. Staff have been followed. Volunteers have been harassed.

Chicago needs an ordinance that protects patients, medical staff and volunteers. This proposal does just that. It balances the right of individuals to access medical care with the right protestors to express themselves at a safe distance.

Don't wait! Call your alderman today and tell them to attend the October 7th City Council meeting and vote YES on the buffer zone ordinance.

Everyone deserves the right to seek health care in peace. Thank you in advance for your support!

Don't know who your alderman is? Go to the Chicago City Clerk's website to look it up.

Learn more: "Protection for Abortion Patients: Ordinance" NBC Chicago and "Chicago City Council panel backs plan to limit anti-abortion activists" Chicago Tribune.

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