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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Addressing the Hypocrisies of Health Care Reform Critics

Check out this article printed in the Chicago Tribune on Sept. 6th by Arthur Caplan. In his opinion piece, titled "Calling out all the hypocrisies," Caplan questions the motives behind those who rant and rave about keeping the government out of health care decisions, when in fact, these are some of the same people who approve of legislators determining what doctors can and can't do with regard to abortion.

Caplan asks, "...why is it that when the subject is abortion and state officials stick their noses right into the practice of medicine, we don't hear a peep from the same crowd about the evil government actually playing a role in how medicine is practiced?"

He goes on to discuss state laws that mandate that pregnant women receive an ultrasound from a doctor before an abortion. He sites an example in Oklahoma in which a 2008 statute explicitly mandated that doctors not only provide an ultrasound for every woman, regardless of whether she wanted one, but also went further by saying that doctors had to discuss the ultrasound image with the woman. He rightly points out that the anti-government interference argument with regard to Obama's public plan is purely an effort to distract people from the real conversation.

Caplan concludes, "Let's see how loudly those who say government has absolutely no role to play in mandating anything about health care in this country speak out against the Oklahoma statute. I suspect the silence will be deafening. When it suits their purposes, those who claim to be horrified that government might play a role in getting you health insurance are hypocritically tolerant of a government bureaucrat telling your doctor what to do."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Read the full article here.

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