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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Female Condom Approved by FDA

A new version of the female condom, called the FC2, was granted regulatory approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last month. Read about it in a recent USA Today article here. The new version is made with a latex alternative, as opposed to polyurethane which was used in the original version. This is good news for consumers, as the FC2 is less costly to manufacture, meaning it can be priced more affordably.

The female condom is the only available and effective method to prevent HIV and STIs that's designed for women's initiation. This is an important addition to the methods of prevention available to women, given the high rates of HIV and STIs in Illinois. According to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Illinois ranked 8th nationally among states with the largest number of new AIDS cases for 2006.

With the FC2, women can take control of their own health and reduce their risk of infection, as well as their risk for an unintended pregnancy. Used consistently and correctly, the female condom can reduce the per-act probability of HIV transmission by 97%, meaning it is comparable in effectiveness to male condoms.

For more information on the FC2, visit the Female Health Company website here.

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