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Friday, March 20, 2009

RHAA Moves to the Full IL House for Consideration

On March 11th, the Reproductive Health and Access Act (HB 2354) passed out of the Illinois House Human Services Committee with a 5-2 vote.

The Reproductive Health and Access Act (HB 2354):

- bars the government from interfering with anyone's ability to use birth control, carry a pregnancy to term or terminate a pregnancy

- requires all Illinois public schools to teach medically-accurate, age-appropriate comprehensive sexual health education.

- makes sure that government funded health care programs, like Medicaid, cover basic reproductive health care services like family planning, prenatal care and pap tests as they do for other health care services

- protects both patients and doctors by allowing individual health care professionals to object to providing certain services, while still ensuring that patients receive timely, accurate and complete information about health care options

Planned Parenthood of Illinois, along with others from the Campaign for Reproductive Health and Access, attended a lobby day in Springfield on March 10th to rally support for HB 2354 and lobby elected officials. It was a huge success! Volunteers, staff, and activists from various coalition partner organizations came out in full force to make their voices heard at the Capitol.

The bill now moves on to the full House for consideration. You, too, can join with other supporters to help make the Reproductive Health and Access Act a reality in Illinois! Click HERE to get more information and find out what you can do!


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