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Monday, November 10, 2008

Victories for Reproductive Choice

The 2008 election will undoubtedly be viewed as historic. Reproductive freedom was put in jeopardy with a number of harmful state ballot measures, but when it came time for voters to weigh in on the issues, they chose to preserve privacy over government interference and protect women's health rather than promote dangerous policies.

California: California voters said "No" to Proposition 4, which would have mandated that parents of a minor be notified before she could receive an abortion. This was the third time the measure was proposed and voted down.

Colorado: Voters in Colorado defeated Amendment 48, which would have modified the state Constitution in order to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs.

South Dakota: Yet again, South Dakotans voted against a ban on abortion. The difference between this ban and the ban proposed two years ago is that this measure included exceptions for the health of the mother, as well as in cases of rape and incest. Despite these exceptions, 55% of voters voted against it.

The wins in these states are encouraging, as voters across the country were clearly saying to those looking to strip away the rights of women: "Enough is enough."

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