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Monday, May 5, 2008

STI Prevention: Resolution introduced in House

Last month we reported on the outrageous statistics related to teen girls and sexually transmitted infection (STIs) rates in the U.S. In light of the shocking numbers, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) has introduced a bi-partisan resolution calling on the House of Representatives to focus greater attention on activities related to the prevention, testing and treatment of STIs. The resolution would also encourage the federal government, states, and localities to provide additional funding for screening and treatment services. Rep. Tubbs Jones was joined by nearly 60 of her colleagues in introducing this resolution.

Rep. Tubbs Jones had this to say:

We can no longer be silent about this issue. The abstinence-only education touted by the Bush Administration is simply not enough. We must be able to talk candidly with our children about the dangers of STDs so that they understand the risks involved with unprotected sex and equip them with the knowledge and tools
to protect themselves.

We applaud her efforts and hope this resolution will pass post-haste.

Read more: Learn more about Rep. Tubbs Jones' efforts on her website.

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