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Friday, January 4, 2008

Illinois man behind Missouri anti-abortion measure

Illinois anti-abortion activist David Reardon appears to be in the middle of a Missouri ballot initiative that would virtually ban abortion in that state if successful. Reardon, who runs the Springfield-based Elliot Institute, is one of the lead sponsors of the Missouri ballot measure which could effectively prohibit a woman from attaining an abortion in that state. The Baltimore Sun says, if approved, the measure would be "possibly the most restrictive abortion law in the country."

There's a pretty fascinating bio of David Reardon on the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice's website.

Under the measure, in order for a woman to terminate a pregnancy a doctor would have to certify that the procedure is necessary to prevent imminent death or serious medical risks. This would likely entail extensive and documented emotional, psychological, physical, situational and demographic evaluations of the woman seeking the abortion. Supporters of this anti-abortion measure are working to drum up the 90,000 signatures they need to put it on the November ballot.

Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups are fighting this initiative in the courts. With these groups' support, Mary Hickey of St. Louis filed a suit against the petition initiative in late December.

Could this be a politically motivated measure? Missouri Governor Matt Blunt faces an uphill re-election bid, and the Baltimore Sun notes that this initiative "could polarize Missouri's electorate this year in this historically critical battleground state."

For more info, check out this Chicago Tribune article or you can view the actual petition and statute language.

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