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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Apply to be our E-Outreach Intern!

This posting comes from our superb E-Outreach intern, Morganna:

Hi, my name is Morganna and would like to announce an internship opening at Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area. I have been the E-Outreach intern for the last couple of months, but this internship will be ending this Friday – providing you with the opportunity to apply for this super-cool position!

The E-Outreach Intern works with PP/CA’s E-Organizer to research various online marketing, visibility and outreach strategies. This will involve maintaining and expanding our presence on MySpace and Facebook, investigating other social networking sites, and activating the contacts we gain through these methods.

As the E-Outreach intern, I tackled a good number of projects – most of them self-chosen, all of them creative and interesting. At the beginning of my internship, I was asked to create a video commemorating the opening of our new clinic in Aurora. I learned a lot about video editing programs and got to wade through a bunch of cool footage documenting pro-choice protesters.

My next activity involved blog research. First, I got to research feminist blogs (which are just about some of the wittiest, angriest, well-articulated blogs I’ve ever come across) and hook them up with our PP/CA blog.

After that I got to do some projects for Planned Parenthood Illinois Votes - a political arm for Planned Parenthood in Illinois. I researched Illinois-based political blogs – this gave me great insight into the political atmosphere our state!

My final project involved the creation of new FaceBook and MySpace pages that could specifically be used to provide web-surfers with information about reproductive rights and politics – especially the upcoming elections. I got to decide what each page would offer, design their layouts and then publicize the page – this last step gave me the opportunity to get in touch with some top Illinois politicians!

Needless to say, I got a lot out of this experience. I definitely acquired a lot of insight into non-profits, online advocacy and the Illinois political machine – not to mention the new (resume-friendly) computer skills! While I can’t say that your internship experience will be exactly like mine, I can say that you will be given a great deal of responsibility, work with an office-full of enthusiastic pro-choice people and leave the internship with a lot more experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in applying for this position, send your resume and a 1-3 page writing sample to Kate at Interns are expected to work 10 hours/week, within normal office hours, at PP/CA’s office on Michigan Ave. Writing skills, web-based research experience, graphic design knowledge and general computer skills are all necessary.

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