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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Arson at New Mexico clinic

Last week a clinic in New Mexico was targetted by arsonists. The fire completely destroyed an exam room and caused smoke damage at the clinic, but thankfully no one was injured. The clinic, called Abortion Acceptance, is run by Dr. Curtis Boyd who has been serving the Albuquerque community for decades.

Witnesses at a nearby hotel saw two hooded figures dump a gas can into the exam room and then light it up on the night of the fire (Thursdy, December 6), but no new leads have surfaced since.

The fire at Dr. Boyd's clinic is a frightening reminder of the threat of violence that abortion providers live under everyday. According to the National Abortion Federation, which has been tracking incidents of violence and disruption for 30 years, there have been seven murders, 17 attempted murders, 41 bombings, 100 butyric acid attacks, 656 anthrax threats, and 175 arsons (including this most recent incident in New Mexico) in that time.

Despite the threat of violence and ongoing harassment, some very brave volunteers put themselves on the front lines by escorting patients at health centers that provide abortions. Check out this story by a Planned Parenthood volunteer in New York to get a first hand perspective on what these volunteers go through. We are extremely grateful for their dedication.

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Blogger jovan said...

I mentioned this on my blog:

I'm not surprised that the anti-choice terrorists burned down the clinic. The anti-choicers have been engaging in this activity for nearly 26 years straight.

December 19, 2007 at 2:52 AM  

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