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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update on birth control pricing

Thanks to people who took action around the country, Congressman Crowley (D-NY) introduced the Prevention through Affordable Access Bill (H.R. 4054), last week with 103 cosponsors! This important bill would fix the problem of skyrocketing birth control prices for college students and low-income women.

Now Senator Obama is circulating a dear colleague letter to prepare for introducing similar legislation in the Senate.

Please urge Senator Durbin to become a cosponsor of this legislation!

As you know from prior posts on this issue, on some college campuses, birth control has gone from $5 or $10 to $40 or $50 dollars because of an inadvertent act of Congress. Some college health centers have stopped providing birth control at all. This pricing affects over 3 million college students and 750,000 low-income women and is having a devastating impact on women and families nationwide.

Fixing this problem doesn't cost Congress or taxpayers a dime, but will allow university health centers and safety net providers to offer affordable birth control to women who need it.

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