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Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank you Dr. Berman!

In today's Chicago Sun-Times, sex & relationship columnist, Dr. Laura Berman (this Dr. Laura I can trust!) sends a big thank you towards the clinic:

I want to commend the employees of this new clinic in Aurora for standing up in the face of adversity and breaking through protest lines to care for the women of our community.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Planned Parenthood!

And I want to say, thanks for the warm welcome and add in a big thank you for a wonderful response to all those who say Aurora doesn't need a Planned Parenthood clinic.

In our current environment of rising health-care costs and astronomical prescription prices, clinics such as Planned Parenthood are providing the basic health-care services that so many uninsured Americans desperately need yet cannot afford.

Right now approximately 30 percent of Americans ages 18 to 34 are uninsured. This means that thousands of young women do not have affordable access to cervical exams, breast health exams and STD testing -- all of which can mean the difference between early detection and the tragic alternative. Planned Parenthood provides these services to women at an affordable cost, something that most hospitals across the nation are unable to do.

Go the rest.

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