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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Report Card Day!

The National Women's Law Center has released a state-by-state report card on women's health. Illinois, I think you're grounded!

Overall we get a U or unsatisfacotry. Not as bad as a F, but hey, if my late-mom wouldn't buy that excuse, neither should we. Out of 50 states, we rank 33rd. Bottom half.

Our highest grades (S) are for mammograms (that should go up next year with the Guv's new plan) and annual dentist visits.

Our lowest grades are in the area of women without health insurance, prevention, causes of death and some chronic diseases. We also fail life expectancy! We also scored Fs in the wage gap and, linked?

Read the report card yourself and consider, do we really need low-cost health clinics?

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