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Friday, October 26, 2007

The new front is old news

Bob Novak lauds Johnson County (Kansas) District Attorney Phill Kline for continuing to file charge after charge against Planned Parenthood DESPITE that charges keep getting dropped. Somehow the fact that a sympathetic judge hasn't dropped them yet means that Kline is on the right track and apparently blazing a new trail.

In fact, it's a well-worn trail, Bob.

Aurora knows this all too well. Anti-choice forces have used the judicial system for years filing lawsuit after lawsuit. The fact that the opposition has a district attorney who doesn't do much other than file charges against a clinic is just a new flavor of an old routine. Kinda like how each "American Pie" movie has one scene where Jason Biggs gets himself into an awkward position, it's a new position, but you know he's getting caught.

Kline's audacity has given the Concerned Women of America (only concerned with putting women back in the kitchen) an idea. They are petitioning Congress to pull Planned Parenthood's funding until the Kansas allegations are cleared up. Nice. Let's pull money from clinics that help to PREVENT unplanned pregnancies. Yeah, that will really help end abortions.

Yet I have to think that the only reason our opposition files charges or lawsuits is to waste our money and time fighting them. And that Bob is very old news.

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Blogger jovan said...

The Feminist Majority Foundation has this, but you all have gone very in-depth to include who's big idea this was. I thought the Senate already voted to defeat a similar measure, proposed by Sen. Dave "Immoral" Vitter.

...BTW, I have a suggestion of my own: the House and Senate needs to subpoena the Johnson County, Kan. District Attorney's Office and investigate Phill Kline. The American people should also call on Congress and the Kansas state government to impeach Kline.

October 27, 2007 at 2:32 PM  

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